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When dreams come true in Melbourne

The arrival at the Melbourne airport wasn't a pleasant one - It was just a complete sleepy experience with a combination of slight frustration about the hotel check in. Falling asleep uncontrollably at a public library and walked aimlessly in strong and cold wind with just a thin layer of jacket... This is not what I am expecting in Melbourne at all. At least, I didn't expect the cold. Maybe not that cold, it's just me.

I thought Melbourne is just pretty, fantasy, exotic.. I will be reading a book while sunbathing on an open field, with a glass of red wine at my side and Subway sandwich on a Saturday morning. NOOO.... Nothing close to this has happened! 
Worse, there is a huge patch of red wine stain on my jeans right now because of a drunk old Australian guy who dropped his glass on the table and have all the red wine in that glass splashed on me. Like a full glass of red wine. I couldn't believe that's what I get like within 10 hours in Melbourne.. Where did my d…