Sunday, March 15, 2015

When dreams come true in Melbourne

The arrival at the Melbourne airport wasn't a pleasant one - It was just a complete sleepy experience with a combination of slight frustration about the hotel check in. Falling asleep uncontrollably at a public library and walked aimlessly in strong and cold wind with just a thin layer of jacket... This is not what I am expecting in Melbourne at all. At least, I didn't expect the cold. Maybe not that cold, it's just me.

I thought Melbourne is just pretty, fantasy, exotic.. I will be reading a book while sunbathing on an open field, with a glass of red wine at my side and Subway sandwich on a Saturday morning. NOOO.... Nothing close to this has happened! 

Worse, there is a huge patch of red wine stain on my jeans right now because of a drunk old Australian guy who dropped his glass on the table and have all the red wine in that glass splashed on me. Like a full glass of red wine. I couldn't believe that's what I get like within 10 hours in Melbourne.. Where did my dreamland go?
March 13th - Friday evening stroll after beer, before dinner. 
I did attempt to navigate around the city, so I asked for a map. However, instead of proper trains or subways that have an electronic systems showing me exactly where and how to get to a destination - there are just wired trams running all around the city. They are pretty old fashioned. You hear bell rings when a tram arrives, and you hear someone literally reading the destinations and no electronic display boards that show of your destination. It's almost like the Indonesia buses that I have taken. And the trams here get to stop any where they like - like yesterday I took a tram which was supposed to bring me to the tram terminal (Southern cross station), it stopped at some random streets like 15 mins walking distance away from my destination. Tram driver said it was lunch time. Oh well.. Melbourne, really?

Tram wire like spider web.
You can see tram wires every where when you look up the sky, in the city.. That surprised me. On one hand, the architectures here looked futuristic. Glassy and high-end. I almost feel like I am living in the future by looking at the buildings - but when I look up and saw these webby tram wires, this is totally not in the same era. Did they preserve the trams the way it is for some classic 80s Melbourne experience?
March 14th, cloudy Saturday evening after 6pm - DFO closes at 6pm :/
So I was actively looking for places to go - I don't know what kind of places can I really go given the short time I have. Also, moving around doesn't seem to be an easy tasks because of the confusing transportation system - so walking is the best option. So that would also mean that I wouldn't be able to get too far away from the city area. Expensive shopping areas and exhibitions halls are definitely available, but they don't seem appealing to me anymore. I've been through all these.. I am looking for a different travel experience.
Seagulls could be annoying. 
 I brought Rosy with me to South Bank again last night thinking I could do some shopping at DFO, only to find out it closes 5 mins before I arrived. So I waited for sun set to get some good pictures and dinner before I make my 50 mins walk back home - however, it was too cloudy to see sunset and it started raining when it was about time when the night lights by the river are up for good night shots. Seriously?!
Southern cross station on a bright Saturday morning
 I did not give up taking pictures since I was already there. So I insisted.
The persistent to give a great shot even it's raining on a Saturday evening

30 seconds shot of the Webb bridge.

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