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I also got out of London city and saw the country side for a bit

Knowing that Shakespeare’s anniversary was coming, friends and I decided to do a day trip to see Shakespeare’s birth place – Stratford-upon-Avon – about 2 hours’ drive away from London city. The little town where Shakespeare was born and grew up was just a normal little England country side village. It was the fame of Shakespeare that brought the world’s attention to it. Shakespeare’s wooden little cottage had also been transformed into a ticketed showroom. Souvenirs with Shakespeare’s picture printed on it would cost twice as much you would have to pay for a normal London flag printed souvenir.   
An hour away from Stratford-upon-Avon, we also visited the Oxford city & the university. I visited the Christ Church dining hall which was where the Great Hall settings got its inspiration from in the movie. The staircases and corridors around the campus just made it feels so much like I was living the Harry Potter movie!
Some countryside pictures:

I enjoyed country side of England - it fe…

Country #17: How's London?

This is an after-travel recollection, to address the frequently asked question: “How’s London?”. 

In short, this is London.
I was welcomed to the city by the sight of a gigantic, stern, historic, and religiously looking dome pointing to the grey sky. It was a cold Saturday afternoon for April, probably only 10 degrees. Accompanied by drizzles and cold air coming from the river, it feels more like 5-6 degrees, throughout the day.
Central London appeared almost pathetically quiet the day I arrived - almost like a ghost town if not a few tour groups walked passed St Paul's on their way to the Big Ben & Parliament area which was about 20 minutes walking distance away. Very few Londoners actually lived in the city even though millions of them come to work every day - "It is too expensive to live in the city, we would have to pay 2 grands (pounds) for a 2-room flat to live in town." A friend told me . "We live two hours' train ride away from work and try not to come …