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Country #18: My siesta taste for the Andalusia region of España

I was in Spain for the past three weeks  - mainly hanging around in  the southern cities where the historic Andalusia region is. It is REALLY HARD to summarize such a fun stay with just a few words and it just doesn't feel like I have seen enough of this land of fiesta (or siesta) !

I spent most time at the coastal area of Marbella where the retired British people like to spend summer at. I also cycled to the rich men town of Puerto Banus which is just 6 km away, visited the old Ronda city and its the impressive Puente Nuevo bridge, went up the hill and walked around the beautiful whitewashed village at Ojén and hitchhiked our way back, navigated our way through the confusing road maps and drove to Seville (and made it back and one piece).

I also cooked proper dishes for the first time in my life and drove a car on the "wrong" side of the road. Spanish people, men and women, just looked SO STUNNING by the way, especially the policía......Awww.... don't get me starte…