Thursday, September 22, 2016

My secret discovery on the Palawan island - Marimegmeg Beach,Philippines

Where is Marimegmeg?
The island of Palawan in the Philippines is famous for its stunning beaches. Marimegmeg beach is one of those that is less known to the outside world compared to the others (Bora Bora, Boracay..), my discovery for this hidden gem was a pure accident - only to find out later that I am simply mesmerized by its unquestionable beauty and decided to make it home for a month. This is the most charming little heaven I have ever seen, almost unreal.

This evening, Scott and I decided to venture out from the Caalan island for our daily jog. We were simply bored and aimless about our destination.  We walked to the Corong Corong beach where we normally would stop and grab a bite but this time decided to venture deeper into the unknown. The next moment when we saw a group of Filipinos, cheering and singing by the beach, we noticed that we have arrived at a new territory.

Marimegmeg is very much a local beach, you barely find any resorts or proper set ups for visitors - that say, do not expect water sports or any sort of restaurants on the beach if that's what you are after - We loved Marimegmeg so much that evening that we went back to Corong Corong quickly, picked up a few beers and sandwiches and head back to Marimegmeg to spend that night. We did not leave the beach until 4am the next morning, obviously drunk but totally excited to share with the other people on our team about our new discovery on the Palawan.

The next day morning, I decided to head back to Marimegmeg on my own to see the little beach during the day. And these are two of the thousand photos I snapped of my little secret beach - Marimegmeg. You can see Paradise island from Marimegmeg if that shed some clue on where this beach is located...

Turquoise blue water and white powdery sand
Clear water - almost like zero pollution has happened
Candy man on the beach :)
I was initially contemplating about sharing this blog because I kind of want to make it MY secret little beach – There is no standard boat tours major agencies or hotels would offer to come here today because this is just an empty beach that those tours were not able to collect any commission from any vendors. So unfortunately the only way to get here is to walk, or ride a motorcycle/tricycle..  However, due to its location proximity to the famous Corong Corong beach,  Marimegmeg is going to get discovered by more people soon. There is local rumor that has been running around for a while about a potential business project to build big hotels on the beach.. So I share this blog because I want you to come find this place quickly, enjoy the pristine beauty of this tropical wonder and not spend a fortune on it!

And something not to be missed is definitely the sunset...I then came here every evening either with my picnic basket or beer bucket just for the sunset. We made Marimegmeg our party home and star gazing through the wee hours, nightly. I almost feel like I am blanketed by the diamond sky sleeping like a baby on the beach - listening to the sound of the ocean pushing towards the sand and make a very comfortable lullaby. 

But one thing I do caution every visitors before you set your foot on the quest in search for the Marimegmeg - There are plenty of sandflies on the beach under the trees, so bringing along of bugs spray is wise. I got bitten by sandflies pretty badly and later had to travel quite a distance out to town to get a doctor because I (apparently) have got pretty bad allergy reaction to sandfly bites. So, just be careful!  

The local kids greeting rare visitors just right outside Marimegmeg
Marimegmeg became where I lounged most of the time during my stay in the Philippines - Water is warm and translucent - I came here for swimming, to watch the sunset, to run my daily 5KM, practise yoga, to have a picnic, to paint... If I could build a little hut on the beach and live there, I would. For adventure seekers who are already bored of standard travel packages and ready to hit the off beaten path, I highly recommend Marimegmeg. As much as we all hope to reserve this beautiful little natural gem, let's all travel responsibly by making sure that we don't leave any garbage behind on the beach :)

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