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Thank you, Singapore.


I came to Singapore with many of my classmates ten years ago to attend university here. The past ten years has been a major part of my growing up as a teenager. I have acquired some very important life skills like using a washing machine, getting used to public transport and be able to survive the costly lifestyles. I know where to go for yummy but cheap food, there are secret spots that I hung out at regularly, and I made great friends here whom I know I can always reach out to for no matter what. Ten years has passed. I love many things about the country: The safety, the efficiency, the openness, the convenience and the international exposures. Many of my friends who came to Singapore with me have already, if not starting to build permanent bases in the city after a few years; which is a natural decision to make given its location proximity to home and better living conditions the country has to offer.  Singapore is a great country; my feeling has been a mix about it. Walking dow…