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I am twentysomethingwen, and I will always be.

Past few years has been an interesting one for me, travels has made a big portion of it, and him.
Many times I am wondering myself: Who am I? What am I? So what? 
My values, and dream? What are they? 
I have been second guessing about myself a lot,  recently. That depresses me and I hated it.
I love life, I love animals, I love seeing new places. I read people, and I am good at it. 
I study and work for insurance, and I am successful professionally. I am intelligent, diligent, determined and hardworking. I need no one to tell me how I can be good, I am just good. 
I take pictures, I can be better and I am working on it. 
I have my values and dream. What's for me, and what's not. I change for no one.  
I have my weaknesses, but that's for me to know, for me to grow. I feel no shame for being bad at certain things. My shortcomings is part of me, we live together.
To all my girls, my friends, my love ones - 
Be around people who appreciates your dream, your values. And for who you are.